A Brand Called Hope: Reimagining Consumer Culture


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  • By Harvey Hartman and The Hartman Group

    No longer tied to the traditions of their parents' food shopping and eating habits, today’s consumers have different aspirations. They desire something new, something better. Something to hope for.

    rawing on The Hartman Group’s decades-long groundbreaking cultural anthropological and sociological research, consumer culture expert and Fortune 500 strategist Harvey Hartman provides a penetrating look into the meteoric rise of traditional CPG brands and suggests that even as sales are high these brands may actually be undergoing serious redefinition in the eyes of consumers.

    A Brand Called Hope explores today’s consumer-driven interpretations of quality expressed through principles, values and experiences. Throughout are case-in-point examples that convey how products and brands keep pace (or not) within the context of the current state of the Culture of Food.

    This fast-paced, illuminating book offers a consumer-centric approach to redefining the brand to close the ever-widening gap between what consumers expect consumer packaged food companies and retailers will make and what consumers really desire them to make.

    Hartman delivers the knowledge, cultural models and insight into consumer behavior you need to reimagine your brands, categories, products and experiences.



    Chapter 1. The Culture of Reimagination

    - What is “culture”

    - Shift from traditional culture to consumer culture

    - Imagine something better

    - The reimagined culture emerges

    Chapter 2. Setting the Table for New Experiences

    - Industrial food vs. real food

    - Looking to the past to tell the future

    Chapter 3. Bridging the Relevancy Gap

    - Mind the (relevancy) gap

    - Retail relevance and the grocery store of the future

    Chapter 4. Reimagination Realized

    - The spirit of innovation

    - Reimagined innovation

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