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Beyond Organic and Natural


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  • Resolving Confusion in Marketing Foods and Beverages

    A syndicated study for CPG companies, marketers, retailers, brand and category managers, and strategic decision-makers

    Consumer understanding and shopping behavior of organic and natural foods and beverages continues to change and evolve. Today's consumers are confused, yet continue to be engaged by the vast array of products, messages, symbols and labels they encounter when making decisions about what to eat or drink and where they shop.

    The picture is no longer black or white; it is a colorful mosaic where organic and/or natural intersects and overlaps with attributes such as local, fresh, sustainable, safe, green, quality, lack of additives and many more.

    This study will identify the hierarchy among these attributes and point out differences by product category as well as deeper distinctions between "organic" and "natural" themselves. It will enable companies to go beyond the clutter of product call-outs to have a singular focus on what matters most to consumers thereby increasing brand loyalty and likelihood of purchase.


    • In today's rapidly evolving environment, it is imperative to understand the new issues and concerns surfacing among consumers, therefore, this report will explore topics such as:

          -the impact of the recession on organic purchases

          -emerging consumer distinctions between organic and natural

          -are private label organic and natural products seen as a step up or down from national brands

          -do organic and natural attributes "work" in highly processed goods

        -does the mix of organic and natural options affect a store's "halo"
    • We understand the need for representative, longitudinal data in order to track how the landscape is changing over time. The following will be presented with quantitative trending information going back to the year 2000:

          -Properties implied by the word "organic"

          -Recognition of and level of trust in the USDA organic seal

          -Motivators and barriers to organic use

          -Channels for organic purchase

          -Past 3-month organic product category usage

          -Willingness to pay more for specific organic categories

        -Organic and natural brand awareness and usage

    The Hartman Group has conducted an organic and natural syndicated study every other year since 1996, so we are able to build upon and expand an extensive amount of consumer insight.

    Click here to download the report overview.

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