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Brand Ambition: Private Brands and Beyond

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    Brands have always provided a shortcut for consumers to gauge quality, value, and a number of specific product attributes.   

    In 2010, we reported on the emergence of retailers’ own brands as a quality product that can compete with familiar, national name brand products on an equal basis. The emergence of private brands has changed the dynamics of how consumer products are marketed and sold. Today, the rules and strategies for competition among brands are being rewritten. 

    The Hartman Group’s Brand Ambition: Private Brands and Beyond syndicated study will examine what the role of a brand is in today’s consumer-driven marketplace. The study will address questions such as: 

    • What is the relevance of brand today?
    • Has its role diminished or morphed into a new function?
    • What do consumers seek from a brand, other than specific product attributes?
    • What is happening with brand loyalty — how sticky are consumers’ favorite brands?
    • How do consumers evaluate brand against a multitude of product attributes?
    • And how do these dynamics play out for different types of brands (established national brands, local choices, emerging brands, and private brands)?  

    The goal of this study is to provide an accurate portrayal of “brand” and the changing landscape of the private brand market and the associated strategic business implications for both retailers and manufacturers of name brand and private brand products. 

    Release date: The final report will be delivered June 30, 2021. The report package includes general report (PowerPoint and PDF), including executive summary, in-depth analysis and implications, and demographic data tables (Excel). 

    Delve into the overview to find detailed information about study objective, scope, methodology and pricing. 

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    Download study overview and order form

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