Convenience Stores and the "Fresh" Opportunity


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  • Food culture in America is changing. C-stores have the "convenience" aspect nailed. Are they keeping up with the foods and beverages consumers want?

    Obviously, the country's 149,000-plus convenience stores are not homogeneous. To learn how far they have come and where they need to improve, The Hartman Group sent a team of typical consumers into convenience stores in Boston, Chicago, the Bay Area, Seattle and New York City. They visited independent and chain stores in urban, suburban and rural locations during the morning, afternoon and evening. These observations were complemented with data and insights from The Hartman Group's proprietary Eating Occasions Compass comprehensive database on American eating patterns and include more than 41,000 eating occasions. 

    Convenience Stores and the "Fresh" Opportunity explores the fresh and less processed food being offered by a cross section of convenience stores, including consumer perceptions of independent and chain-store meals and snacks. Matched with data on snacks, Millennials and female demographics, the white paper provides insights and recommendations on convenience-store shopping experiences, merchandising, store designs and fresh categories.

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