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Exploring the Diversity of American Foodways

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  • Fielding Q4 2019: Early Participation Rate Expires September 30, 2019 

    About the Study 

    As the “American consumer” evolves to represent an ever more ethnically diverse and globally connected population, American food culture and trends both reflect and are driven by this diversity. In fact, American cuisine has always been a reflection of our status as an immigrant nation – only a nation like ours could develop foods like Hawaiian-style pizza (with pineapple and Canadian bacon), California burritos (which include French fries), bulgogi tacos (tacos filled with Korean BBQ), or Philadelphia sushi rolls (with smoked salmon, scallions, and cream cheese – the taste of a Jewish deli in sushi form).  

    Exploring the Diversity of American Foodways will illuminate the ways in which consumers of traditionally understudied racial and ethnic identities approach eating and drinking to better understand what American food culture looks like now and where it is headed.  

    Study Scope  

    Exploring the Diversity of American Foodways will build a more complete picture of what “American food” looks like now and will look like in the future by exploring the values, attitudes, and approaches to cooking, eating, and shopping behaviors of specific, typically underreported demographic groups, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic/Latinx Americans, and first-and second-generation immigrants. 

    As always, we combine our rigorous quantitative study with rich qualitative methodologies to understand not just what, where, when, and who but also why and how.

     Key topic areas will include: 

    • Worldviews and values
    • Food values and attitudes
    • Food rituals and routines
    • Food and beverage sourcing  

    Overview and Participation Form

    For more information about study scope, areas of exploration, methodology, report deliverables and timeline, download the study overview and order form: Exploring the Diversity of American Foodways

    Early participation rate expires September 30, 2019

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