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Food and Technology 2019: From Lab-Grown to Plant-Based

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    Hartman Group National Syndicated Research That Explores the Tensions at the Cutting Edge of Food and Farming Technology From the Consumer Point of View.


    At the heart of many of the most influential food trends, from organic and farm-to-table to “ancestral” diets and veganism – is the idea that more inherently natural food is both healthier and more sustainable. Over and over again, we hear consumers say that they don’t want to eat something “made in a lab.” Yet technological innovations in farming, food processing, and production – including lab-cultured “meat,” non-dairy cheeses, and vertical, hydroponic, and ocean farming – claim to offer even greater sustainability and possible health benefits. 

    About the Study

    Food and Technology will explore the tensions at the cutting edge of food and farming technology from the consumer point of view. Technological innovations offer enormous possibilities for companies at every point of the food industry, but the key to success lies in understanding what consumers will accept and embrace. With The Hartman Group’s unique combination of robust quantitative and rich qualitative methodologies, Food and Technology provides an in-depth look at both what consumers are doing and the deeper reasons why.

    Study Scope

    With long-term expertise in health and wellness, sustainability, the premium food and beverage market, and progressive consumers, The Hartman Group has been a proven source of trend-forward insights since the 1990s. Key topic areas in Food and Technology 2019 will include:

      • Market Sizing and Segments
      • Consumer Attitudes, Perceptions and Language Around Innovations in Food Production Technology
      • Motivators and Barriers for Trial and Repeat Purchase
      • Bringing Innovative Products to Market
      • Category Deep Dives 

    Overview and Order Form 

    For more information about study scope, areas of exploration, methodology, report deliverables and timeline, download the study overview and order form: Food and Technology 2019 


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