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GEN Z 2018: Today’s Teens — Tomorrow’s Adults

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  • Gen Z are diverse, connected, aware, and socially and politically engaged. With its oldest members just entering their 20s, this generation is poised to be a disruptive force culturally and as a market. The Hartman Group’s Gen Z 2018 report explores this generation’s values, attitudes, and approaches when it comes to food and beverages, eating and cooking, health and wellness, sources of information and inspiration, food retail, and restaurants. Gen Z 2018 focuses on Gen Z teens aged 12-20, with relevant comparisons to older generations – Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. As always, we use our signature combination of rich qualitative and robust quantitative methodologies to understand these emerging consumers and illuminate the opportunities and challenges they pose to the food and beverage industry.

    Report package includes general report (PowerPoint and PDF), including executive summary, in-depth analysis and implications, and demographic data tables (Excel).



    Executive Summary

    The Kids These Days: Who Are Gen Z?

    Vegan to Velveeta: How Do Gen Z Approach Cooking and Eating?

    #clean: How Do Gen Z Approach Health + Wellness?

    Inspo and Info: Where Do Gen Z Turn for Food Entertainment and Education?

    Shopping FTW: How Do Gen Z Shop for Food and Beverages?

    #nomnom: Where and When Do Gen Z Dine Out?

    So What? Implications and Recommendations

    For more information about the report, including report highlights and table of contents: Download report overview and order form 

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