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Health & Wellness 2015


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  • Health & Wellness 2015

    One of The Hartman Group’s pillars of expertise has been — and remains — the study of health and wellness. Since the early 1990s, we have been the undisputed leader in mapping consumers’ evolutions, adoptions and aspirations in the health and wellness arena.

    Health & Wellness 2015 identifies the factors and trends driving demand for high-quality, healthy foods and beverages. The report provides illuminating insights into emerging opportunities for CPG food and beverage manufacturers, food retailers, food service companies and restaurants.

    Health & Wellness 2015 updates and extends The Hartman Group’s previous work and applies our signature “ahead-of-the-curve” thinking for marketing health and wellness solutions to consumers. The report delivers a culturally based big-picture assessment of where health and wellness is today, where it is headed and what it means for your business.

    The report covers:

    • The World of Health & Wellness
    • The Pathway to Adoption & Consumer Journeys
    • What Health & Wellness Means — Today’s Priorities
    • Shopping for Health & Wellness
    • Activating Wellness — Product Usage
      • Exercise and Fitness Tracking
      • Food
      • Supplements
      • Food Service
      • Key Takeaways & Recommendations

    Click here to download the report overview.

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