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Health + Wellness 2021

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  • Fielding Q1 2021 (January-March): Special Discount Expires January 31, 2021  

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    Fielding in February, the Health + Wellness 2021 study will examine how a nearly full year of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected ongoing trends and shaped new habits and attitudes around what health and wellness means today.  

    Through a national online survey, supplemented by in-depth online qualitative interviews as well as benchmarking against prior research, the Health + Wellness 2021 study will examine both the past-year evolution of longer-term trends and the underlying thought processes that drive some of these newer questions that consumers have grappled with.  

    Ultimately, it will use these insights to help those who provide products and services in the broader health and wellness space to anticipate which 2020 developments represent important nascent or accelerated trends to pay attention to for the future and where to innovate.  

    The Hartman Group has been leading the study of health and wellness since the 1990s, tracking consumers’ changing perceptions, aspirations, and practices as the wellness marketplace has moved from niche to mainstream. Wherever possible, we incorporate trending to understand changes over time. 

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    Special discount expires January 31, 2021

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