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Health + Wellness: A Culture of Wellness


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  • A Hartman Group National Syndicated Research Report

    For almost 25 years, The Hartman Group has applied innovative techniques from the social sciences to explore health and wellness (H+W) in the United States and to illuminate emerging opportunities for marketing H+W solutions to consumers. Our pioneering studies in 2000 and 2005 described the desire among U.S. consumers to regain control of personal and household health.

    By that point, our careful observations and analyses made it clear that what we were seeing was nothing short of a transformation in the scope of H+W itself and its role within culture. In 2007 and 2010, we bore witness to the emergence among consumers of a broadening desire for quality of life experiences across H+W categories as well as in areas that were less explicitly about H+W, such as in premium/fresh food and beverage products and the occasions on which consumers privileged them.

    Our methods and frameworks have therefore extended beyond a conventional "consumer-centric" lens to embrace a cultural perspective. Revisiting the consumer state of H+W in 2013, this year once again we have integrated qualitative consumer ethnography, quantitative large-sample survey methods, and ongoing trends tracking. We have leveraged our previous work as well to deliver an evidence-driven, provocative, big-picture assessment of where H+W is today, where it's going, and what it all means.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction, Executive Summary and Methods

    The World of Health + Wellness

    • Dimensions of Consumption
    • Segment Profiles: Periphery, Mid-level, Core
    • Adoption Pathway
    • Triggers
    • Information Sources
    • Health and Wellness Spending

    Living in a Wellness Culture

    • Higher Quality of Life for Longer
    • Wellness Practices
      • Eating Good Food
      • Being Active
      • Resting
    • Feeling Well
      • Balanced Energy
      • Good Digestion
      • Social Wellness

    Wellness Food Trends

    • Fresh/Less Processed
    • Nutritionally Well-Rounded
    • Weight Management Trends

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