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Health + Wellness Deep Dive


A Best Practices Report On Ways to Activate Messaging and Communications Within the World Of Wellness

Health + Wellness Deep Dive 2011 builds on the rich insights and implications uncovered in rom our 2010 Reimagining Health + Wellness report and is an exploration into the key dimensions of consumption in the World of Wellness. Health + Wellness Deep Dive report provides comprehensive "best practices" from which to activate health and wellness messaging and communications.

Hartman Group research continues to show that consumer interest in pursuing healthier lifestyles and a higher quality of wellbeing is on the increase: As documented here in our 2011 Health and Wellness Deep Dive, consumers increasingly understand wellness to be a "positive" proposition rather than a "perfunctory" one. Thus, observed as a powerful on-going trend, we are witnessing a cultural shift from "health" toward "quality of life." We find that consumers are increasingly thinking and talking about wellness in terms of "quality of life" where non-physical notions of well-being (mental, emotional, and spiritual) are just as important as physical well-being. Quality of life accommodates variation in individual desires, needs, lifestyles and goals and illuminates the role of indulgence and pleasure as essential components of wellness.

The Hartman Group series of health and wellness syndicated studies is the longest running consumer-centric study of the U.S. wellness marketplace and provides current, comprehensive insight into underlying motivations and behaviors for how and why consumers live, shop and use brands, products and services in the health and wellness space.

Topic areas include:

  • Consumer Ratings: Brand Positioning. One aspect of this report measures consumer perceptions of select brands and companies in three key areas: Health and Wellness halo, product quality, and likelihood to purchase. Perceptual mapping is provided for food and beverage, food service/restaurant, food retailers, OTC/VMHS and personal care.
  • Communicating Dimensions of Consumption
  • Communicating Health + Wellness in Product Categories
  • Best Practices for Executing on Key Elements with Best-in-Class Examples
  • Information Sources and Social Media

Click here to download the report overview.

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Published Date:
Page Length:
: General report in PowerPoint format: 181 pages. Includes standard demographic data tables in Excel format.

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