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How America Eats

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The Crucial Role of Food Culture Inside Weight Management

The Hartman Group's How America Eats report is a holistic exploration into the intersections of culture of food, eating behaviors and consumer perceptions of healthy eating and weight management. This report goes beyond merely investigating consumer's attitudes on weight management and healthy eating. It provides new revelations into the roles consumers expect food companies, retailers, food service, health care providers and policy makers to play that will help them meet their healthy weight aspirations and wellness lifestyle goals.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Obesity
    • Childhood Obesity
  • Weight Management Consumer Segmentation
    • Occasions & Weight Management
    • Demographics & Weight Management
  • Communicating Nutritional Information
  • Key Takeaways
  • Recommendations

Obesity is a national health problem. It's an issue that has been pushed all the way to the doors of the White House with Michelle Obama taking an active role advocating a healthy food doctrine to the food and beverage industry. While the USDA has recently issued an updated set of Dietary Guidelines, there appears to be a renewed effort socially to examine underlying reasons for obesity with fingers once again pointing in the direction of food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice and restaurants, and food ingredient suppliers. Yet within this socio-political fixation, based on new emerging cultural insights, where do consumers place the blame? How do today's consumers define obesity?

How America Eats report addresses these and other questions. It builds from the Hartman Group's landmark 2004 Obesity in America report and provides new insights on where consumers are at today with regard to their weight management journey and on how the perception of obesity has changed in the past seven years.

Click here to download the report overview.

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Published Date:
Page Length:
140 pages in PowerPoint format. Includes a set of data tables by standard demographics in Excel format

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