Marketing in the Soul Age: Building Lifestyle Worlds


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  • By Harvey Hartman and The Hartman Group, Inc. 

    Marketing in the Soul Age: Building Lifestyle Worlds continues The Hartman Group’s leading-edge thinking by outlining a new approach to understanding and engaging with a dynamic and evolving consumer. The Hartman Model, which we describe here, not only enables us to better understand this new consumer but, even more importantly, gives us a tool that we can use effectively in understanding, communicating, and building a loyal customer.

    Harvey Hartman and The Hartman Group has always paid close attention to the marketplace, particularly those consumers who are the driving force of constant change. One of the key insights derived from The Hartman Group’s constant and consistent attempt to see and understand the American consumer more clearly is that the consumer is not primarily driven by rational economic motives. As this is what had led everyone at The Hartman Group to a tremendous appreciation of and fascination with the logic of the irrational forces driving the lifestyle marketplace. This book is our attempt to alert others to what we have learned and to describe some practical applications that can be adapted by almost any business.




    In Gratitude

    Introduction: Seeing the Future; Seeing What’s There

    Part One: Developing a New Model

    1. Rethinking the Mass Marketplace

    2. Mapping the New Lifestyle Marketplace

    Part Two: The Soul of Experience

    3. Are You Experienced?

    4. Dimensions of Experience

    5. The Organic Mystique

    6. What Is a Cultural Shift, Anyway?

    7. Wellness by Design

    Part Three: Implications for Branding and Retailing

    8. Managing the Wellness Category

    9. Branding the Future

    10. Selling to the Core at the Periphery

    11. At Home in the Grocery Store?

    Part Four: Lifestyle Studies

    12. Exploring America’s Changing Lifestyle

    13. Shopping with Maggie

    14. A Day in the Life of the New Wellness Consumer

    15. The Wellness Consumer Meets the Computer

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