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  • Consumers' sustainability consciousness is growing. Companies are increasingly "greening" their business practices, operations and products. Yet, there is a great divide between the two. Companies are grappling with understanding if it matters to consumers what their sustainability business practices are and if consumers will reward them for their sustainability efforts. In other words, what can companies do that will make a difference at the shelf?

    Marketing Sustainability: Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Companies investigates and updates consumers' understanding of sustainability and answers questions that address the divide between consumers and the brands and services they use. This includes not only the sustainability cues that resonate with them as they shop for and purchase CPG products and utilize foodservice, but the broader conceptual context perceived by consumers to personally benefit them as companies undertake various environmental, economic, and social activities.

    Marketing Sustainability captures important data and insights on how consumer understanding of sustainability has shifted to be better expressed in terms of "responsibility."

    Marketing Sustainability features a "Sustainability Playbook" companion piece which is designed to be used as a manual for deploying sustainability practices and messaging within the organization. Rounding out the report package is a "Brand Sustainability Scorecard" that ranks the least to most sustainable companies and brands across industries and provides the all-important "why" behind the ranking.

    The primary topics covered in the general report are:

    • Executive Summary and Methods
    • The World of Sustainability: Responsibility to Reciprocity
    • From Sustainability to Reciprocity: The Golden Rule
    • Consumer Attitudes
    • Sustainable Products
    • Communicating Sustainability
    • Recommendations

    The primary topics covered in the Sustainability Playbook are:

    • The Golden Rule
    • Zone #1: Social Zone
      • Employment Practices
      • Community Involvement
      • Animal Welfare
      • Fair Trade
    • Zone #2: Environmental Zone
      • Waste Disposal
      • Energy Consumption
      • Resource Preservation
    • Zone #3: Economic Zone
      • Money Circulation
      • Ownership
      • Scale
    • Zone #4: Personal Zone
      • Household Finance
      • Quality
      • Personal Safety/Health
    • Communicating Sustainability
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