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Modern Beverage Culture 2018

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  • Celebratory, functional, nourishing, quenching. Is there anything more intertwined in America’s contemporary food culture and lifestyles than the role of beverages? Not only do they provide basic sustenance, they serve as an expression of our tastes and values. Beverage-consumption rituals can bring people together or provide solace in quiet, solitary eating occasions. Beverage culture is evolving and dynamic. What does today’s beverage landscape look like? 

    Beverages are dramatic disruptors in today’s food and beverage marketplace. New categories, brands, and formats have captured the attention of consumers of all ages and lifestyles and are breathing new life into both retail and food service sectors. Beverages have acquired vast amounts of real estate — on shelves and in key demand spaces — as producers and purveyors expand their offerings to meet consumers’ evolving needs and desires. 

    Navigating a New Landscape of Opportunity

    Beverages today represent the epitome of consumer choice — a vast array of options to meet demand for better solutions against evolving needs and lifestyles. It’s a complex, compelling landscape full of strategic implications for manufacturers, retailers, and restaurant/food service operators alike. 

    Modern Beverage Culture 2018 unpacks the dynamics that drive consumer choice and shape the exciting opportunities ahead in today’s beverage landscape. 

    Report package includes general report (PowerPoint and PDF), including executive summary, in-depth analysis and implications, and demographic data tables (Excel). 



    Executive Summary

    Modern Beverage Culture

    Beverage Attitudes and Aspirations

    Beverage at Retail and Restaurants

    Spotlight on Choices for Children

    Modern Beverage Need State Model

    Beverage Occasions and Need States

    Implications and Recommendations

    Appendix: Beverage Category Dashboards and Trends  

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