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  • It is no longer sufficient to assume that analogues of conventional food and beverage packaged products will sell simply because they are organic. The growth of the natural market and increased access to private label organic products have provided alternatives for consumers while posing a challenge for branded organic manufacturers. The advent of these products has the potential to dilute the relevancy and value of organic food and beverages in the minds of consumers.    

    Since 1996, The Hartman Group has been at the leading edge of documenting the evolving organic and natural marketplace through the lens of food culture. Organic and Natural 2016 updates the attitudes, behaviors and understanding that motivate (or inhibit) current (and future) consumer interest in and purchase of organic and natural products. 

    Through the Organic & Natural 2016 syndicated research we sought to uncover distinctions between organic and natural. To compare attitudes and behaviors, participants were assigned at random to one of two cells. One cell answered questions focused on organic food and beverages; the other cell answered questions focused on natural food and beverages. 


    • Executive Summary/Methodology
    • The Organic and Natural Consumer
    • The World of Organic
    • The Language of Organic and Natural
      • o   Part 1 | A Complex World
      • o   Part 2 | Deep Dive Into Organic, Natural, Less Processed and Beyond
      • Organic and Natural
        • o   Category Purchasing and Trade-offs
        • o   Adoption Pathways & Information Sources
        • o   At Retail
        • o   At Food Service
        • Special Topics in Methods in Organic and Natural Farming Practices
        • Special Topics in Methods in Organic and Natural Farming Practices | GMOs
        • Implications
        • Appendix 

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