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Organic & Natural 2020

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  • Fielding Q1 2020: Early Participation Rate Expires February 15, 2020 

    What’s Beyond Organic? Find Out With This New Study Fielding Q1 2020 

    Organic remains one of the most prominent and significant markers of quality in foods and beverages in the U.S. today. In recent years, we have witnessed the advance of organic products into new categories even as organic foods and beverages become more affordable to the mainstream American consumer. 

    While many consumers today interpret the organic seal as signaling the epitome of quality, a growing core of more engaged consumers is starting to demand more as they look for assurances in farming and production cues that go beyond organic

    Organic & Natural 2020 will provide an update on the continuously evolving and dynamic organic and natural marketplace from the consumer perspective. In addition to updated data to long-standing data sets — much of it trended over time — the study will explore consumers’ changing attitudes, priorities, and aspirations with an eye toward the future. 


    Organic & Natural 2020 builds on this history of previous work with expert guidance and data that will inform the strategy, planning, and development of retail, CPG, and food service companies within a changing market full of opportunity. Key topic areas will include: 

    • Organic and natural in context
    • The world of organic
    • The meaning of organic and natural
    • The role of organic and natural at retail and restaurants
    • Organic at the category level

    Early participation rate expires February 15, 2020. 

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