Reflections on a Cultural Brand: Connecting with Lifestyles


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  • By Harvey Hartman and The Hartman Group, Inc. 

    Reflections on a Cultural Brand: Connecting With Lifestyles is our third book in the series dedicated to consumer-driven marketing and branding. This book analyzes the historical foundation of the "cult of the brand" and proposes thinking outside the traditional branding box of product-focused marketing.

    Social science disciplines of cultural anthropology and sociology are used to develop and explore the interconnected elements of a cultural brand - social context, experience, community, products and services, and infrastructure sensibility. In Reflections on a Cultural Brand these five elements represent the contact points between a cultural brand and a consumer. Successful cultural icons like The Grateful Dead and contemporary brands such as Starbucks and Patagonia illustrate the cultural connection between the brand and the consumer world.

    Harvey Hartman and The Hartman Group continue to be at the leading edge of consumer insight and understanding in their latest book, Reflections on a Cultural Brand. They have leveraged their consumer knowledge and vision to demonstrate how to connect with current and future customers; and their cultural brand philosophy is not only unique and innovative, but effective. The Hartman Group has been a key partner in our ongoing efforts in helping us to understand and apply this knowledge to build happy and long-term customers.

    John Mackey, Chairman & CEO, Whole Foods Market




    Part One: Reflections on the State of Branding

    1     It Must Be an Act of Faith

          How Did We Get Here, Anyway?

          The Great Consumer Society

          Our Current Epoch

          Reflections On…The Customer As Asset

    Part Two: Building a Cultural Brand

    2     Introducing a Cultural Brand

          Getting Beyond Price, Convenience & Availability

          Reflections On…Matters of Taste

    3     The World Perspective

          Dimensions With Worlds

          Where in the World Are the People?

          Reflections on…Market Research

    4    Elements of a Cultural Brand

         Element 1: Social Context

         Element 2: Experience

         Element 3: Community

         Element 4: Products & Services

         Element 5: Infrastructure Sensibility

         Reflections on…The Journey

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