Reimagining Health + Wellness: Lifestyle and Trends Report 2010


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  • What is the current picture of health and wellness and what will it look like in the future? In Reimagining Health + Wellness we dive deep into the wellness landscape as it exists today. By updating our longitudinal analysis of wellness meanings we describe the continued evolution of wellness consumers in which traditional notions of health and wellness are being redefined and what this means for CPG companies and retailers across food and beverage, food service and personal care. The companion Wellness Trends: The Great Transformation report looks back to look ahead with bold predictions on the future of wellness as notions of a higher quality of life continue to shape the wellness marketplace.

    Reimagining Health + Wellness features expanded consumer and shopper data across key segments and categories with longitudinal tracking (comparisons to 2000, 2005 and 2007 studies). In-depth coverage includes:

    • Lifestyles
    • Conditions
    • Benefits and approaches
    • Information acquisition
    • Ingredients
    • Foods and beverages
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Personal care and household
    • Vitamins and supplement
    • Spending and shopping
    • Generational cohorts
    • Trends
    • Culture

    This report is the most comprehensive exploration of consumer and shopper H+W perceptions, behaviors and trends available in the marketplace today. It will become your indispensible roadmap for reimagining H+W brands, products, services, marketing and retail experiences.

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