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Snacking 2020

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    Chances are, within the past 24 hours, we’ve all had a snack. 
    Snacking is now an American way of life. 
    What does this mean for the future of your business? 

    As leaders in the study of American food culture, The Hartman Group has been tracking how Americans eat since the 1990s. Over this period, snacking has seen rapid growth and evolution in the nature of what, how, and where we snack.  

    Leading up to 2020, American consumers were increasingly on the go, with nutrition and portability as key considerations in snacking.  

    The tumultuous events of 2020, however, have disrupted consumers’ lives, with many now working or learning from home, thus dramatically changing the consumer contexts in which snacking takes place.  

    The Hartman Group’s Snacking 2020 syndicated study applies innovative approaches to examine what snacking looks like today.  

    How have meal patterns shifted with so many Americans suddenly spending more time in the home, and how does snacking slot into this new rhythm?  

    We will be exploring the benefit areas/need states and aspirations around snacking to better understand attributes consumers are seeking. Referring to The Future of Snacking 2016 report, the value of the study is more about categorizing how people snack rather than deep dives into categories, allowing marketers to adjust messaging of snack foods to orient towards specific benefit areas.

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