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Special Report: GMO Perceptions, Knowledge and Labeling


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  • A consumer perspective

    The battle over genetically modified food continues to rage, focused mostly on whether companies should label products that contain GMOs. Whole Foods created a sense of urgency about the topic when it decided it would ensure that all GMO products in its stores would be labeled by 2018 to enhance consumer choice. Vermont recently passed a law for mandatory non-GMO labeling, and dozens of states with pending legislation have created a potential regulator-driven surge in the market as well. More and more of our clients are asking us to weigh in on the potential of the non-GMO market and the marketing consequences of non-GMO labeling.

    This special GMO Perceptions report addresses key questions, including:

    • What is driving GMO concern and aversion?
    • How much do consumers really understand about GMOs and how to avoid them?
    • How does (or does not) this knowledge lead to clear purchase decisions?
    • What are the key labeling scenarios that the food & beverage industry should be planning for as non-GMO labeling and GMO knowledge spread?

    GMO Perceptions, Knowledge and Labeling helps companies understand the consumer side of the GMOs vs. non-GMOs issues and how such concerns influence consumer behavior at the shelf and at home, and how labeling might affect the dynamic.

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