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Sustainability 2019

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  • Fielding Q3 2019: Early Bird Participation Rate Expires July 31, 2019

    As we approach 2020 — a key juncture in sustainability goals worldwide — the need for measurable progress in the realm of sustainability is now mainstream and increasingly front of mind for both consumers and companies. A growing sense that individuals, governments, and corporate actors must move beyond business as usual is shaping consumer discourse, prompting new behaviors, and continually surfacing underlying tensions with consumption patterns that, for many, define the American way of life. 

    About the Study 

    The Hartman Group will revisit its foundational Sustainability Syndicated Series in 2019. With updates to long-standing data sets and new insights from progressive sustainability consumers, Sustainability 2019 will provide a thorough understanding of what consumers are looking for now, what issues are on the horizon, and how the sustainability mindset and marketplace have changed over the years. Amid ever-increasing consumer expectations for transparency and ethical behavior, Sustainability 2019 offers CPG companies, retailers, and restaurants key learnings on consumer needs and resulting opportunities. 

    Study Scope 

    Sustainability 2019 will offer The Hartman Group’s most up-to-date perspective on key topics and tensions motivating consumers today, including: 

    . The cultural underpinnings of the attitudes and behaviors today’s consumers exhibit related to sustainability.
    . How consumers assign responsibility and judge credibility when it comes to brands tackling social and environmental issues.
    . The extent and nature of concerns around climate change, and consumer perceptions of its risks and emerging impacts on quality of life and their choices today and in the  future.
    . Evolving consumer priorities around the most visible and continual impacts of their purchasing decisions — touching on packaging, single-use plastics, on-demand delivery, and more.

     Sustainability 2019 applies The Hartman Group’s signature demand-driven insights and analysis to help inform business strategy, planning, and product-development cycles.

    Overview and Order Form

    For more information about study scope, areas of exploration, methodology, report deliverables and timeline, download the study overview and order form: Sustainability 2019

     Fielding Q3 2019: Early Bird Participation Rate Expires July 31, 2019

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