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Sustainability 2021

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    Sustainability 2021: The Defining Challenge of Our Time for the Food and Beverage Industry? 

    Sentiment around sustainability has experienced a dramatic shift in the past several months as consumers’ lives and livelihoods were turned upside down by COVID-19 and social and environmental issues. Urgency is building around the need to take action on collective problems that affect not just our future but our present. 

    Engaging with sustainability as a complete moral system — rather than a series of certifications or checkboxes — has important implications for consumer packaged goods and the food and beverage industry more broadly. 

    Amid the sweeping changes to consumer lifestyles and a renewed focus on climate change and other key issues over the past year, The Hartman Group’s Q3 Sustainability 2021 syndicated study will offer CPG companies, retailers, and restaurants key learnings on consumer needs and resulting opportunities. 

    Sustainability 2021 will explore how consumers are reconsidering what sustainability means to them, how different components of sustainability affect them personally, and who they hold responsible for addressing these challenges. 

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