Sustainability Playbook


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  • A companion piece to the Marketing Sustainability general report, the Sustainability Playbook is designed to be used as a manual for deploying sustainability practices and messaging within the organization.

    About the Sustainability Playbook
    The playbook is divided into four sections based on the zones of responsibility within the World of Sustainability. For each zone the most relevant dimensions of responsibility from a consumer perspective are provided: The Social Zone, The Environmental Zone, The Economic Zone, The Personal Zone. Each of these dimensions is described and interpreted leveraging consumer insights. Communication tactics are recommended according to consumer segments or degrees of involvement in the World of Sustainability. Two "best in class" corporate examples are provided with each Zone to facilitate how to implement Sustainability into marketing messaging and more.

    Table of Contents

    The Golden Rule

    Zone #1: Social Zone

    • Employment
    • Community Involvement
    • Animal Welfare
    • Fair Trade

    Zone #2: Environmental Zone

    • Waste Disposal
    • Energy Consumption
    • Resource Preservation

    Zone #3: Economic Zone

    • Money Circulation
    • Ownership
    • Scale

    Zone #4: Personal Zone

    • Household Finance
    • Quality
    • Personal Safety/Health

    Communicating Sustainability

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