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The Business of Thrift 2018: Understanding Today’s Value-Oriented and Low-Income Consumers


Special Discount for Early Participation Until July 31, 2018

The Business of Thrift 2018 syndicated study will provide a look at the socioeconomic forces at play in the U.S. and will offer a comprehensive exploration of how value-oriented and lower-income households navigate their food and beverage consumption. Like consumers in general, there is no single “type” of low-income or value-oriented consumer, and this study will detail how needs shift within the spectrum of demographic and situational contexts — from urban to rural residents, and from SNAP recipients to middle-class deal hunters. 

This study will illuminate how consumers facing real or perceived financial pressures nonetheless often aspire to have the same kinds of quality products that more financially secure consumers have, and it will detail the strategies and value-oriented trade-offs they make in pursuing these aspirations. 

Economic recession, recovery, and realignment have been major drivers of change in both the U.S. food and beverage industry and consumer values and purchasing behaviors. 

In our prior research, we have observed how consumers across the income spectrum regularly look for high-quality, healthy food. Value-oriented and low-income consumers face important limitations in fulfilling these desires, however. As the U.S. economy continues to shift, understanding and meeting the needs of these various types of value-seeking consumers in the U.S. has never been more critical. How should food and beverage brands position themselves to succeed with these growing segments of the U.S. population? 

Central to this study will be an exploration of several key topic areas and questions, including: 

    • Stressors, strategies and priorities
    • Attitudes and approaches
    • Purchasing and preparation
    • Retailers and restaurants

Special reduced rate for early participation expires July 31, 2018

To learn more about the syndicated research and participation opportunities, download the study overview: The Business of Thrift 2018


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