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The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer


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  • A large opportunity awaits those who chart a course for understanding the Latino culture

    How do manufacturers develop products that resonate with Latino consumers? How do marketers effectively communicate with Latinos? Are you speaking their language? Do you really understand the culture and market to them as distinct from other large demographic segments? What do you need to know about these most influential consumers?

    According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the Latino population is growing at a rate much faster than most any other demographic group. Every 30 seconds a Latino turns 18. Furthermore, for the first time in U.S. history, babies of minority groups make up the majority of all babies born due in large part to the Latino population. With a collective buying power exceeding $1 trillion in 2010 (projected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2015), the ability to connect with Latino consumers in relevant ways is vital to future prosperity.

    Yet, it is a complex demographic segment to understand, one that does not identify itself as one group. The Latino population in America itself is composed of a diversity of cultures, not one uniform demographic.

    For 25 years, The Hartman Group has provided the most insightful and relevant understanding on consumer motivations, behaviors, culture and trends. The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer provides timely new data, insights and perspectives on one of the most influential segments of the consumer-driven marketplace. This report delivers the critical understanding to help companies think differently and plan strategically to more effectively connect with Latino consumers and, as a result, capture new market opportunities.

    The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer report uncovers key points of understanding and offers meaningful ways to leverage these points into effective communication tactics for reaching the Latino consumer.

    Table of Contents



    Study Overview

    1. All Americans Are Multi-Cultural Consumers

    2. Health + Wellness

    3. Food Culture

    4. Shopping/Spending

    5. Social Media/Information Sources

    6. Recommendations

    7. Appendix

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