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The Online Grocery Shopper


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    What attracts consumers to online shopping? What's the future of online grocery retailing?

    Often described as "spectacular" failures, the demise of online grocers like Webvan and HomeGrocer in the early 2000s soured many an investor and industry analyst on the topic of e-grocery. Consumers, however, never seemed to let go of the idea, in part because of their increasing immersion in all things Internet and digital.

    Whether simply browsing the Internet for meal and recipe ideas, or undertaking a major grocery shop, the fit between in-home, and now mobile, behaviors and the relatively complex task of in-store grocery shopping has developed positive synergies with today's online grocery business models. One simple reason for this lies in the fact that shopping itself has progressively gone virtual, and while food (especially perishables) remains one of the last few remaining categories of consumer products to "go digital," there is growing evidence that several aspects of grocery shopping are trending to online.

    The Online Grocery Shopper report provides the in-depth understanding about food culture and shopper engagement in digital technologies to help companies seize the evolving opportunities and navigate the emerging challenges posed by the growth of grocery e-commerce in the United States. Areas of exploration include:

    • Today's online grocery shopper
    • The online grocery shopping experience, trip and basket
    • Consumer perception of the online grocery shopping topography
    • Shopper's online usage, including mobile, across the grocery trip spectrum
    • The future of online grocery retailing

    The report additionally provides both near- and long-term recommendations to attract, retain and increase the use of online grocery shopping.

    The variables that compose online grocery today are diverse. While often defined as the ability to browse and order foods and beverages online, digital food experiences themselves, composed of narratives steeped in food culture, are also a significant part of the business and can serve to boost either in-store or online shopping experiences.

    Table of Contents

    Executive Summary

    • Study Background and Objectives
    • Study Approach
    • Executive Summary

    Today's Online Food, Beverage and Grocery Shopper

    • Introduction
    • Culture Change
    • All the Right Conditions
    • The Online Grocery Shopping Experience
    • Perceptions of Online Versus At-Store Shopping
    • Online Grocery Shopping Topography
    • The Grocery Trip

    Tomorrow's Online Food, Beverage and Grocery Shopper

    • Quantifying the Potential
    • Near-Term Recommendations
    • Long-Term Recommendations


    • Quantitative Methodology
    • Detailed Demographics

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