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Weight Management & Healthy Living 2015

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  • Exploring the Connections Between Eating Behaviors, Lifestyles and Maintaining Healthy Weight

    Statistics and studies continue to show that far too many of America’s consumers—youth and adults—are at weight levels considered unhealthy. While there are multiple cultural and lifestyle factors contributing to rising obesity rates, consumers’ eating behaviors remain the focus of the problem—and the solution.

    A few key vectors of change in American eating habits include trends in demand for fresh, less processed foods, the rise in snacking occasions and alone eating occasions, household structure, dynamics and the increasing fragmentation of daily life, and perceptions toward obesity and what consumers consider is “healthy weight.”

    Weight Management & Healthy Living 2015 examines what healthy eating and its relationship with weight management means to CPG companies, retailers, food service, restaurants and marketers. The report delves into the complex intersection of healthy eating behaviors and consumers’ aspirations to maintain healthy weight levels

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